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10 Ways to Get Top Quality Cash for Unwanted Cars in Sydney

Is your old and worn-down vehicle still worth anything? You may not expect to get more than $100 for it, but don’t lose hope just yet. Experienced companies offering cash for unwanted cars in Sydney can pay you thousands if you know where to look.

Expert tips for earning the best cash for unwanted cars in Sydney

  • Determine your car’s market value

First, find out your car’s year, make, and model. This information will help determine its market value, which is the basis for a vehicle’s junk price. Once you have the necessary details, use Red Book Australia’s car valuation platform to understand how much your car is worth.

  • Check the current scrap metal prices

Car wreckers will take your vehicle apart and sell its metal frame as scrap. Because of this, the current scrap metal prices will play a significant role in your car’s final price. You can check Scrap Metal Sydney for an overview of different metals and their prices per kilogram. For example, the website shows scrap steel is worth about $1.50/kg.

  • Check your mileage

The higher your car’s mileage, the less it is worth. Therefore, the best time to sell a vehicle is before it hits the 100,000-mile (160,934 km) mark. Of course, if your car is older, you can’t do anything about its mileage, so expect to get lower offers in return.

  • Get rid of rust

Is your car a little rusty? You can increase its value by getting rid of the reddish-brown residue! Thankfully, it’s easy to remove surface rust with a specialised removal spray, sandpaper, and a stainless steel brush.

  • Avoid removing car parts

You might want to sell your vehicle’s parts after seeing their worth. However, avoid dismantling it yourself to score the best offer for the vehicle. A removal company will pay more for an intact car than one with missing components.

  • Search for a reliable buyer

Ultimately, you won’t be able to get a reasonable price for your car if you don’t find a reliable and honest buyer. Therefore, consider going to Amazon Cars and Spare Parts—a leading vehicle removal company offering cash for unwanted cars in Sydney.

Some other tips to increase the value of your junk vehicle are cleaning the interior, obtaining quotes from different companies, timing your sale right, and avoiding selling it to a buyer outside your location.

Fortunately, Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is based in Sydney, and we can pay you up to $7,000 in cash, depending on the condition of your vehicle. In addition, we will tow your car for free— schedule the pick-up service by calling 0412 711 318!