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8 Important Things You Should Know About Car Disposal for Cash

Are you deciding whether or not you should go for car removal in Sydney? Car disposal for cash is an unfamiliar service to most people, with many sellers opting to get rid of their vehicles through dealerships instead. But you’d be surprised at how much you can gain from disposal services!

What you should know about car disposal for cash in Sydney

What happens during car disposal?

  • Depollution

Cars tend to drip fluids; the older your vehicle is, the more it leaks. To prevent toxic substances like gasoline and engine oil from escaping into the environment, a car disposal company will dispose of these fluids properly. This also makes the vehicle safer to recycle, reducing pollution and contamination.

  • Dismantling

Once the car is free of fluids, professional wreckers will take it apart in search of reusable components. A vehicle contains numerous valuable materials, such as the engine, transmission system, and catalytic converter, all of which can still be repaired and reused.

  • Resource recovery

Cars are essentially just hunks of metal—around 60% of their total weight comes from steel, aluminium, and some traces of copper and lead. Throwing these metals away would be a total waste, so wreckers will crush and shred your vehicle’s frame to recover these materials.

After the shredding process, the resulting metals get mixed with other metals to increase their strength. This prepares them to be used again in brand-new car frames and other products.

  • Transport

Finally, the recycled metals will be sent to different auto manufacturers, while the remaining rubber, plastic, and glass materials are thrown in landfills as auto shredder residue (ASR).

The benefits of car disposal

  • Easy money

Car disposal is one of the quickest ways to get rid of a vehicle. You can earn up to $7000 depending on your car’s condition in a single day, provided that you find a reliable wrecking company in your area.

  • Conservation of natural resources

There’s no doubt that car disposal is great for the environment. The process helps conserve energy and natural resources, including water, oil, and metal. Recycling a single tonne of steel helps preserve 1000 kg of iron ore, 600 kg of coal, and 50 kg of limestone.

  • Reduced waste

On top of conserving resources, car recycling also helps reduce waste. The disposal process prevents reusable metals and spare parts from ending up in landfills, maximising the full potential of your old vehicles.

  • Increased space

Car disposal also helps increase space in your home. You can finally free up your garage, make space for a new vehicle or convert the area into a private gym or workshop.

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