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Before You Choose An Auto Wrecker You Should Ask Them These Questions

Finding the best auto wrecker in Sydney is not a walk in the park. With so many scams related to selling scrap cars, you have to be extra careful when evaluating potential companies. This list of questions can help you select the most reliable one.

Does The Company Have A License And Registration?

Running an auto wrecking or auto recycling company requires legitimate permissions from the local authority. A company’s license and registration are solid proof that they are operating legally and that they are meeting the correct standards. Thus, these two things are some of the most important things you must ask before hiring or booking an auto wrecker in Sydney.

How Long Have They Been In The Business?

The length of time an auto wrecker in Sydney has been in the business can tell you how good their services are. It is often related to how well they deal with their customers, too. Naturally, people prefer well-established companies that have been wrecking and recycling cars for many years. That’s because they tend to have plenty of experience and expertise and are more likely to deliver reliable services.

What Kinds Of Vehicles Do They Buy?

This is definitely another important question you must ask as some auto wreckers have preferences in terms of the make and model of vehicles. Always double-check if the company buys cars similar to yours. If they don’t, they might refuse to buy your car or give you a very low offer.

What Is The Size Of Their Facilities Or Warehouse?

This question also matters because the answer will give you an idea about the capability of the auto wrecker. Big scrap yards can deal with vehicles of all kinds. They have fully-equipped facilities and enough manpower to ensure that ethical and eco-friendly recycling processes are being practised.

Will There Be Extra Charges?

Many auto wreckers in Sydney provide their services for free. But you cannot assume that it will be the same for everyone. There’s still a high chance that some scrap yards are going to give extra charges to reduce their offer. They can charge you for towing fees, evaluation, and paperwork. That’s why you need to make sure to get all the necessary payment details before booking, so there won’t be any surprises.

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