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Car Wreckers & Used Auto Parts Sydney Wide

Did you know Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is one of Sydney’s top auto wreckers in Sydney. If you are looking for local wreckers near me then Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is your preferred local car wrecker. Whether you are looking for used car parts or simply looking to sell your car for cash, we are here to meet all your wrecking needs. With our team and advanced facility, we guarantee you that you will get the most cash from your old, scrap, damaged or unwanted vehicle and we will get the most value from it. 

One of the reasons to sell your car to a local wrecker is because they are able to offer you the highest cash offers while wrecking your car in an eco-friendly way without any harm to the environment. We are the car wrecking in Sydney that you have been looking for to sell your car for cash and most importantly find used car parts that you are looking for all in one place.

We recycle nearly 100% of your vehicle which is eco-friendly. At Amazon Cars and Spare Parts wrecking yard we ACCEPT all car makes and models so no matter what, we are the perfect car scrap yard in Sydney for you.

We pay you cash for your:

  • Wrecked car
  • Damaged car
  • Used car
  • Old car
  • Accident car
  • Unwanted car
  • Salvaged car

No matter what the condition of your vehicle, no matter what type of vehicle, we’ll buy it for as much as $7,000 CASH

Why Should you Get your used car removed and wrecked?

Here are a few reasons to get your unwanted and old car removed and wrecked:

Free up Space

Getting rid of your old used car from your yard would free up a lot of space. You don’t need to worry about the process and hassle of getting it removed, because we’ve got all that under control. Contact Amazon Cars and Spare Parts European car wreckers Sydney, and we will handle everything from wrecking the vehicle to paying you cash up front. and we will handle everything from removing the vehicle to paying you cash up front.

Instant Cash Offer

Want some cash for your unwanted car? Call us, and we will pay you up to $7,000 depending on the model, make and condition of your car. We offer big money to remove your vehicle, dismantle it for parts and wreck it. All that for free and you walk away with cash in your pocket!

Car Wreckage in the Green Way

Do you feel that wrecking your car would negatively affect the environment? Hire us as we ensure to dispose of your unwanted car in a greenway. At Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, we make sure to be environment friendly and minimise our environmental impact when removing and wrecking scrap cars.

We do EVERYTHING for you

At Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, we do all the hard yards as you get the ease of not having to prepare your vehicle for us to buy and remove. We pick up your vehicle as efficiently as possible and at your preferred time.

Your vehicle is then taken to our wreckers who drain all liquids, remove the tires and dismantle the vehicle to recycle. All you have to do is call us for a quote and provide us with certain details. All that for cash up to $7,000 when you search for wreckers near me and book a service with Amazon Cars and Spare Parts.

Sell your vehicle to us EFFICIENTLY for the MOST VALUE

At Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, we pay you in cash to collect your vehicle. Our Car Removals in Sydney pay cash up to $7,000 with the most REASONABLE price for your vehicle. You don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule as you have the ease of scheduling your car removal when you want it removed, making the car removal very convenient for you. Contact us today for a free car removal & “auto wreckers near me” services in Sydney and get a car wrecker quote!

Why Choose Us?

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is known for making high cash offers and providing our customers with the best and most convenient car removal services. We are the best auto buyer and wreckers who fills your pocket up with cash.