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Sell My Car for Bitcoin – Complete Guide

Many people are asking; can I sell my car for Bitcoin? You might also be wondering about this if you’re new to cryptocurrency and has recently discovered that you can earn instant Bitcoin money by scrapping an unwanted car. The answer is yes, you can get Bitcoins for an old vehicle. Selling your car to an auto wrecker is a great way to earn Bitcoins that you can use for buying goods as well as for investment.

Here’s how to sell your car for Bitcoin:

  1. Find a Car Removal Company that Understands Cryptocurrency.

While there are automobile sellers that accept cryptocurrency, there are still very few auto wrecking companies that buy junk using Bitcoin money. Most of them are still paying in cash.

You are probably wondering; where can I sell my car for Bitcoin now? Although your options are limited, you can still successfully trade your unwanted car for Bitcoin. Simply contact us here at Amazon Cars and Spare Parts. We are very knowledgeable and experienced in the cryptocurrency world. In fact, we are the pioneer company in the country to offer cryptocurrency payments for junk vehicles. If you want, we can pay you using Ethereum, Lite coin, or Ripple. Call us on 0412 711 318 if you are interested to know how we buy cars and pay clients with crypto currency!

  1. Stay Updated About the Current Scrap Prices.

Auto wreckers are basically after the copper, aluminium, and steel materials of your car, so when they evaluate your car’s value, they will always consider the current market price of scrap metal. It’s a good idea to keep yourself in the loop on the current value of scrap. Take note that scrap metal prices change daily, weekly, and monthly, so staying in the know is important so you can check if the quotes and offers you are getting from scrappers are reasonable.

      3. Stay Updated on the Current Bitcoin Prices.

You also want to be updated with the current Bitcoin prices and exchange rates so you can check if the company is paying you the right amount of Bitcoin money. Ask them the value of your scrap car, and then convert that amount into Bitcoin money.

  1. Prepare to Transfer Ownership.

The process of selling your scrap car is basically the same whether you want to get cash or Bitcoins. The only difference is how you get paid. Instead of receiving cash, your payment goes directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. If you accept the offer of the auto wrecker, expect that they will tow your vehicle within the day and pay you when they pick up the car. For a smooth and fast transaction, make sure that all the necessary documents are ready.