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Sydney’s Leading Auto Wrecker Offering Top Cash For Volkswagen Cars

Is your old Beetle looking a little too worse for wear these days? The thought might have crossed your mind already, but now there’s no point in denying that it’s time to go to a trusted Volkswagen wrecker in Sydney!

Fortunately, you need not look too far. Sydney’s leading auto wrecking company; Amazon Cars and Spare Parts can offer you the best prices. And yes, even for a beat-up Volkswagen!

Here’s What Amazon Cars and Spare Parts Can Do For You:

  • Ensure That Your Volkswagen Goes To The Right Hands

At the end of their lives, you might assume that cars have nowhere to go but the landfill. But this is simply a misconception. Volkswagen wreckers in Sydney make sure that your vehicle undergoes a regulated and environmentally friendly recycling process.

For instance, here at Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, we only dismantle and recycle vehicle parts based on the guidelines set by regulatory authorities to minimise waste and recover resources. This process includes:

    • Proper disposal or draining of toxic fluids such as antifreeze, gas, oil, transmission liquids, and brake lubricants
    • Dismantling, cleaning, and recovery of valuable components such as wheels, tyres, batteries, engines, and transmission systems
    • Crushing and shredding of the metal body for storage and reselling
  • Minimise The Impact Of Wrecked Vehicles On The Environment

Thanks to our eco-friendly recycling process, each Volkswagen you send to us will play its own role in saving the environment. In fact, in Australia, almost 500,000 end-of-life vehicles are wrecked every year, saving over 400,000 tonnes of metal.

On top of that, for every ton of recycled steel, we save over 1000kg of iron ore, 600kg of coal, and 50kg of limestone!

  • Offer Excellent-Quality Customer Services

When you send your Volkswagen over to Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, you are instantly guaranteed the best-quality wrecking services in the city. We are a fully licensed motor dealer that accepts every type of vehicle, regardless of its current condition.

In addition, our wrecking services are free of charge. The process of having your car towed is also quick and straightforward:

    • Call Amazon Cars and Spare Parts at 0412711318 or visit our website
    • Provide your vehicle’s details to receive an instant quote (e.g., a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle or a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta)
    • Provide your contact details and schedule your free pick-up
    • Receive your payment in cash or through a bank transfer, cheque, and digital currency
  • Offer You The Most Reasonable Prices

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is the leading Volkswagen wrecker in Sydney for a reason. We offer the fairest prices in exchange for your old vehicles! After providing your car’s details, our professional technicians can give you a quote. You of course have the freedom to agree or refuse the offer.

We will also take care of the paperwork with zero hidden charges, making us one of the most reliable wrecking companies in the area!