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Top Tips To Get Cash For Engine Damaged Cars In Penrith

If your old car has blown its engine, it’s probably time to consider cash for cars in Penrith. A damaged engine is usually a sign that your automobile has reached its end of life. Don’t waste your time and money fixing it. Scrap it as soon as possible. Here are top tips to help you get the most cash for your car in Penrith:

Choose A Local Provider

Look for an auto wrecker that serves the area so you won’t be charged for towing services. And even if they do charge for towing, the fees will be affordable.

Know What Models Or Brands Of Vehicles They Buy

Most auto wreckers buy all kinds of damaged vehicles. However, some of them give more favourable offers to certain models and brands. If the brand of your car is something that the auto wrecker specialises in or prefers, then it is more likely to fetch a high offer.

Shop Around For Good Offers

While scrap car value depreciates every day you wait, it’s no reason to rush. You don’t necessarily have to accept the first offer that you will get. It might be a good idea to compare it with other offers from other auto wrecking companies. Shop around for a good deal before making a decision.

Check Extra Charges

If the extra charges are not yet included in the quotation, then ask the auto wrecker about them. Some wreckers will deduct towing, administration fees, or paperwork fees from the actual amount you will get. You have to know this information in advance so you can decide on the best quote.

Find An Auto Wrecker That Also Sells Spare Parts

Some auto wreckers are simply interested in the scrap metal. They don’t really care about your car seats and windshields that are still intact. But other companies see value on those parts. They salvage auto parts to recycle them or sell them in the market as second-hand parts. These are the kinds of companies that you should be looking for. Because they sell spare parts, they are more likely to give you a higher cash offer.

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