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Truck Wreckers Sydney

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is one of the largest trucks removal and wrecking company in Sydney, with state of the art wrecking yard and hundreds of trucks in stock. We buy old and second-hand trucks, damaged, scrap and junk trucks, in short, all make, model and age trucks at the best price. Trust us with truck removal service if you are willing to sell one as we hold a reputation being the top Truck wreckers Sydney.

We buy every type of truck:

If you’re still thinking about whether we will buy your truck or not, let us make it very clear that we buy trucks of all types. Whether it is Diesel truck, Gas truck, Petrol truck, Pickup trucks, or commercial trucks, or any other types, including cabs, duallys etc.

We wreck trucks of all make such as International, Iveco, Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Hino, Dodge, Bedford, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo, Daihatsu, and the list is long. Trust us when selling your truck, as we are the finest Truck wreckers Sydney.

We’re not just another truck removing and wrecking business!

We’re one of the largest car removal and wrecking company in Sydney with a brilliant team who rightly evaluates the value of the vehicle in any condition and offers a fair quote in a quick time. Our friendly customer service and expert car knowledge help you to sell your truck at the value that you deserve. For all enquiries and orders, contact Amazon Cars and Spare Parts truck wreckers Sydney during our business hours or call us at 0412 711 318 and trust us with your wrecked truck.

How Truck wreckers Sydney price your Truck?

We consider the following factors while evaluating your Truck’s price:


The first thing that we look at is the year, make and model. Yes, we buy ANY truck, but well, if you have the latest model truck whose demand is more, you get more cash, and if it’s rare or if the parts on it are obsolete, this varies the amount of money you’ll get. Be sure that we will price the Truck fairly.


If you own a scrap truck, then the weight is one of the most important factors in determining its price. The weight tells us an estimate of the amount of scrap material that we can recycle from your vehicle.

Condition of the Vehicle:

We buy ANY condition vehicle, but the condition of your truck will determine what, as a car buyer, we will be able to do with it. Are we able to strip the truck and then sell its parts or recycle it as scrap? All these factors determine what Truck wreckers Sydney will offer you.

Current Market trend:

We offer you a quote as per the market trend. We make sure that we pay you a fair price so that you only choose us as your car buyer.

Sell Your Truck For Cash FAST!

Sell your truck to Amazon Cars and Spare Parts truck wreckers Sydney because:

  • We offer FREE truck removal once you sell it to us.
  • You’ll get service right at your location.
  • We buy all kinds of trucks.
  • We know how to treat our customers with decency and respect!
  • We pay you when we come to pick up the vehicle. NO delays in payment.

Contact us today!

Contact Amazon Cars and Spare Parts today for all your Truck wrecking needs and get paid up to $7,000. Whether your truck is running or not or even if it is completely registered, we buy them all. Simply call us on 0412711318 and directly speak with one of our friendly staff to get a quick cash quote.