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Where Can I Sell My Car to Wreckers?

Is it possible to sell my car wreckers? Many people tend to wonder whether wrecking services are worth it or if they’re better off repairing and reselling their vehicles to a private buyer. You must know that most cars lose value as time goes by, especially when they reach a specific mileage. They would be much more profitable to sell as scrap than as modes of transportation.

Why Should I Sell My Car to Wreckers?

What can car wreckers do for you and why are they your best option? Car wrecking services take damaged, unwanted, or old vehicles into their care, dismantling them to salvage parts and scrap metal.

Many car wreckers sell the following spare parts: headlights, blinkers, and taillights, windows and mirrors, engines, seats and upholstery, transmission systems, and exhaust systems.

Meanwhile, “unusable” parts go through a recycling process before they can be resold. Most car wrecking services offer the following recycling procedures:

  • Removal of Wheels, Tires, Electric Components, Engines Transmission Systems, and Catalytic Converters

These parts tend to emit pollutants even when the car is rendered non-functional, making them a threat to the environment. They must be appropriately stored while waiting to be reused to prevent leakage and pollution.

  • Removal of Car Batteries

Car batteries, especially those with remaining juices, contain battery acid, which may be harmful to the environment. Luckily, they can still be reused and sold at reduced rates for those who need replacements.

  • Draining of Fluids

Any fluid leaking out of a car can cause damage to the surrounding environment. Some liquids may seep into the soil, making their way into bodies of water and harming marine life. Car wreckers prevent this by draining the fluids properly during the dismantling procedure.

Where I Can Sell My Car to Wreckers

Now you know that car wrecking is your best option, not only to earn cash but also to minimise any damage to the environment. Your next step is to find the most reliable services available, but how can you do this? Here are a few tips:

  • Look for car wreckers that accept most, if not all, types of cars. You can find companies that take in vehicles of all conditions, from damaged sedans to SUVs that have been in an accident.
  • Choose car wreckers that dismantle vehicles using the greenest methods. This way, you can ensure that no fluid or spare part makes its way into the ecosystem.
  • Find car wreckers that offer the right valuation and cash offers for your vehicle.

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