Hyundai Wreckers Sydney

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts love buying your wrecked Hyundai. Surprised? Well, we are Hyundai wreckers Sydney that will buy any model and type of the Hyundai car no matter what condition and wreck it in an eco-friendly way. To add more to your surprise, we offer fast cash, free towing and same-day car removal service to help you fill your pocket with some cash for an old scrap wrecked car.

The reason for buying and wrecking old cars is quite simple and logical.


We have our advanced yards for wrecking, where our team dismantles cars of any condition. We salvage spare parts, recycle car parts and even use the plastic and glass of the car again to make money. We know the value of a vehicle. And that is why we are a reliable Hyundai wrecker Sydney who buys your vehicle and offer you fast and fair cash.

How is it great to sell your car to US?

  1. Sell your car regardless of its condition and get cash without spending any extra penny on it. If your vehicle is damaged or needs repair, it can turn out expensive. It makes no sense of investing in something that is just eating your cash with no benefit to you. So, benefit by selling your car to us for a handsome cash amount. We do every service for FREE and pay you cash for your vehicle.
  1. You benefit the environment by selling your old car to a car remover and auto-wrecker company; you will do the environment a favour, as we will dismantle it following all green standards. As we recycle or reuse most car parts and dispose least to landfills, we help the environment by conserving it. No toxic material is dumped into the ground. You feel emotionally satisfied.
  1. The longer you keep your car static in your yard, the more it loses worth. The longer your car is static in your garage and is not in use, its value will keep depreciating. There are chances that your car starts emitting dangerous chemicals and become hazardous for you and the environment. The junk car also prone damage to children if it has any sharp corners and it can also become a haven for bugs, rodents and insects. Therefore, we suggest you not to take the risk of keeping such a car at home. Sell us your car today and avail our free car towing service.

Get Affordable Hyundai Parts Sydney

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts are the ultimate Hyundai Spare Parts Wreckers specialising in providing high-quality HYUNDAI SPARE PARTS IN SYDNEY at affordable price.

We have a sustainable stock in our inventory where you can find anything from engines, suspension, and grills to car seats, bumpers and headlights for your Hyundai. So, if you are looking for Hyundai wreckers spare parts in Sydney, stop looking around and contact us to find out more. We will make sure to find the right parts for your Hyundai model in our inventory. Even if you can’t find it on our website, you can call us directly or visit our holding yard physically so that we can help you out. Once we find the right part for you, either we can ship it to your postal address, or you can pick it up from our holding yard.

If you have a damaged, unrepairable or appraised Hyundai standing in your yard, you can sell it to Amazon Cars and Spare Parts and get up to $7,000 for it. Once we buy it from you, we bring it to our dismantling yard and dismantle it to salvage all the reusable Hyundai Spare Parts Sydney and stock them up in our inventory. Whenever a Hyundai owner has spare parts needs, they come up to us, and we find the right part for their model from our stock. So, sell your Hyundai to the BEST WRECKERS SPARE PARTS IN SYDNEY and get the most out of your unwanted car.

Get in touch with us today!

We are just a call away. Call us on 0412 711 318 or visit our website to contact us. Share your Hyundai details and get a cash offer of up to $ 7,000. We will arrive at your location anywhere in Sydney to provide you with a free towing service along with top cash. Get the best Hyundai wrecker Sydney service through Amazon Cars and Spare Parts and sell your car with an effortless process. 

We also offer spare parts for all Hyundai vehicles. All of our spare parts are inspected and verified by experienced automobile experts. We contain high-quality Hyundai spare parts at reasonable costs in Sydney. Contact us today & Our courteous team will definitely please you with the vehicle dealing and selling procedure!