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Nissan Wreckers Sydney

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is one of the finest car removal and wreckers in Sydney. We provide spare parts & excellent  service of car removal, offering you the highest cash value. As a company, we value our customers and the environment and follow all green rules while removing and wrecking.

So, if you own a car that you want to sell, CALL US on 0412711318.

Get Cash Offers of up to $7,000 for Nissan.

Do you own a Nissan car that you want to sell and are looking for the most deserving car buyer? Well, here we are. We are the best Nissan wreckers Sydney who are licensed. We provide absolutely FREE car removal services with instant cash on the spot of up to $7000. Not only is that, but Nissan wreckers Sydney available with 1-2 hour car removal service to serve you at the hour that you want. We work round the clock so that we can serve you in the quickest way.

So, just call us and schedule your car removal the same day you want your car to be removed.

More about our Services

Amazon Car and Spare Parts Nissan wreckers Sydney pays cash for unwanted cars that are in ANY condition. We buy all models of Nissan no matter what the condition of the car is. Our business is to rightly evaluate a vehicle and buy it from you to get mutual benefit from your car.

We serve the following services to our valued customers:

We buy car and are also known as the best company for:

  • Car Disposal
  • Car Recycling
  • Car Towing

So, don’t stress out when it comes to selling a car. We are here to serve you with the best cash and a smooth car removal service.

A 3-Step Process specially designed to make car selling EASY:

It is very easy to sell your car to Nissan wreckers Sydney. Just follow the following three steps, and you are done.


1. Contact us online and fill the form to receive an offer for your car.

2. Accept the offer, and we’ll be there at your location to provide a free pick up service.

3. Get your cash payment instantly.

Once the car is ours, we take it to make the most money out of it, and that is why we pay you high even for old, wrecked and junk vehicles.

Your car’s final destination-our advanced Wreck yards and Recyclers:

The Amazon Cars and Spare Parts Nissan wreckers Sydney take your car to its facility to dismantle it with utmost care. Our team is equipped with the top-notch skill to dismantle and dispose of your car following green standards. We salvage the maximum  value spare parts when dismantling a vehicle. The rest of the car parts are recycled carefully, and the least is disposed of most professionally. So, trust us with cash for car service to get paid the amount that you deserve!

Call us @ 0412 711 318

Doing Our Bit For The Environment!

Selling your unwanted Nissan to the right used car buyer is the most crucial as you don’t just want the right money for it but also want it to get disposed of in an eco-friendly way. This is where Amazon Cars and Spare Parts comes in with its environmentally friendly process of NISSAN DISPOSAL AND WRECKING.

Once you don’t have any use for your Nissan, don’t send it to the landfill or leave it to rot as it may pose severe hazards to both the environment and the wildlife. Here at Amazon Cars and spare parts, we will dispose of the car by following safety standards and green protocols while reselling the Nissan Spare Parts in Sydney so we can make the most out of each car. We take full responsibility for the eco-friendly and safe disposal of your Nissan.

So, if you are in need of any NISSAN SPARE PARTS IN SYDNEY, you can contact us, and we will make sure to find the right part for you from our huge inventory. Whenever a Nissan car comes to us, we remove all the fluids and oils from it and then dismantle the whole car salvaging all the reusable spare parts in the process. These spare parts are then stocked in our inventory for the Nissan owners to buy them at affordable rates. The remaining car frame is wrecked and recycled for reusing its material.

Hence, you can come to us with your unwanted Nissan, and we will make sure not to add to your carbon footprint by recycling it the right way!