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Subaru Wreckers Sydney

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts buy all make, age, model and any condition of Subaru. Subaru wreckers Sydney provides the safest and easiest platform to sell your car in the quickest possible time at fair cash value.


If you want to more details about our company and the services that we provide, call us directly at 0412 711 318 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Subaru Wreckers Sydney-instant car valuation

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts provide you with fast car valuation with our super easy and super quick online procedure that just follows three easy steps.

  1. Instant car valuation- you get a quote.
  2. Free car removal service
  3. Payment on the same day

The value that we offer you for Subaru depends on the condition of the car. But be sure that we offer a fair price as we know that your vehicle, whether it is old, not in running or scrap, is still valuable and is worth buying.

We have the state of the art wreck yards where your Subaru is dismantled with extreme care. All parts that are in working condition are examined properly, repaired and sold again in the market. Other parts are salvaged for reuse. We buy many cars that are salvaged, and their parts are reconditioned for resale or disassembled to reuse in other mechanical parts. The metal frame is shredded and recycled to make it valuable again. Subaru wreckers Sydney is legally registered with the local authorities and carries out all dismantling, disposing and recycling in the most eco-friendly way, following all the regulations set to conserve the environment.

Why should you contact us for your car removal service?

There are many reasons why you should contact Amazon Cars and Spare Parts to sell your Subaru that is old, wrecked or in any condition. We buy all models of Subaru cars and hence are the best Subaru wreckers Sydney. We are:

  • Reliable
  • Fully Licensed
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • All-time available
  • Customer-friendly
  • Fast in service
  • Fair

All above makes us the most trustworthy car buyer all over Sydney.

We are Sydney’s most reputed car removers and wreckers who pay you cash for your car in ANY condition:

Amazon Cars and Spare Parts have expertise in car removal and wrecking services. We have a team of specialists who use the right equipment and technology, firstly to evaluate your car’s worth and secondly to salvage the maximum value from it. We do the following with your bought car and its parts:

  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Resell

Therefore, we offer you the best cash value, provide you with a free towing service and pay you cash at the doorstep. We value your and our time and hence provide the service within a day.




You just need to trust us with the  car removal service; we are the top Subaru wreckers in NSW. We’ll make you relax by removing your Subaru car and paying you fair cash that would make you happy.