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Car Removal Company’s Role In Paying Cash For Unwanted Cars In Sydney

Have you ever wondered how much a damaged or old vehicle would be valued? Most people think they’re close to zero; however, that’s far from the case. Top car removal companies can pay thousands of cash for unwanted cars in Sydney. It’s up to you to find a reliable buyer.

How A Vehicle Removal Company Can Pay You Cash For Unwanted Cars In Sydney

  • Your Car’s Market Value

Most sellers generally refer to their vehicle’s market value when setting an asking price. However, if you’re selling scrap or damaged vehicles, you’ll need to take a few bucks off the market price.

For instance, junk cars are often valued often at around 20% to 40% of their used price. So a car valued at $10000 when sold privately would be valued at around $2000 to $4000.

  • The Current Prices Of Scrap Metal

Your vehicle’s market value is only one piece of the puzzle when you’re selling to a car removal company. In addition, a large sum of its final price will be based on the current prices of scrap metals.

In Sydney, for instance, scrap steel is valued at about $1 per kilogram. Generally, the average vehicle contains about 1000 kg of steel. Therefore, that’s another $1000 to the final price.

However, note that scrap metal prices can vary from year to year, greatly affected by their quality and amount, supply and demand, international trade, the market prices of new metals, and your location. If you want to score the best value for your car, regularly check the scrap metal prices in Sydney.

  • The Demand For Spare Parts

Finally, make sure not to remove any components from your vehicle — these parts could sell for a lot of cash. Car removal companies will dismantle your car in search of reusable parts, selling them to remanufacturers, metal scrappers, and private buyers for much more affordable prices.

Some of the most valuable vehicle parts to scrap include engine, transmission system, catalytic converter, air conditioning unit, and radiator.

  • Your Location

The closer you are to a car removal company, the better your chances of getting a good price for your vehicle. This is because local providers will offer free towing straight from your location, and you don’t have to spend any cash on gas or transportation fees.

Hence, don’t forget to check where a company is based, to avoid hidden fees while selling your car!

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