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Earnings from Junk Car Removal Services

Many people believe that their old and damaged vehicles aren’t worth anything. And though this is true if you sell the car to a dealer or private buyer, the same cannot be said for vehicle removal companies. You can earn quite a significant amount from junk car removal for cash services in Sydney.

So how much can you earn from junk car removal for cash services? Below is a quick overview of how removal companies compute the value of your vehicle:

  • Market value

A car’s market value is the primary basis for its private selling price. In addition, it can also help you determine your vehicle’s used and junk price, the latter being about 20% to 40% of the estimated used price.

On top of that, your car’s market value is also the easiest to determine. You can quickly check it according to the vehicle’s year, make, and model via reliable valuation sites like Red Book Australia and Cars Guide Australia.

For example, according to Cars Guide, a 2012 Subaru XV can range from $10,850 to $24,800, depending on its condition and specs. Meanwhile, an older vehicle like the 1971 BMW 1602 has a base price of $2,400.

  • Scrap metal value

Did you know that the average vehicle contains about 1500 kg of steel and aluminium combined? And don’t be fooled—these metals don’t just end up in the landfill after you get rid of your car.

Instead, a removal company will take a car apart and recycle its metals. These materials will then be sent to automakers, allowing them to save money on buying new materials and processing raw ore. As a result, scrap metals are in very high demand across several industries.

A car with 1000 kg of scrap steel can earn you around $1000 to $1500, depending on Sydney’s current scrap metal prices. You can check websites like Scrap Metal Sydney or contact your local scrap metal merchant to stay on top of the costs or time the sale perfectly.

  • Spare parts value

It can be tempting to take your car apart and sell its parts for a profit. After all, spare parts are extremely valuable, and you can earn thousands of dollars for an engine or transmission.

However, if you want a good offer from your removal company, avoid removing any parts. A wrecker will pay more for an intact vehicle than one with missing components. Plus, if you don’t have any experience dismantling cars, you might do more harm than good and earn even less money in the long run.

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