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How Subaru Wreckers of NSW Work

Have you ever wondered what happens to your car after you get rid of it? If you sold it to a dealer, they likely sold it to another person for a profit. Meanwhile, if you went to a private buyer, they could be driving it at this very moment. But what if you gave the car to a Subaru wrecker in NSW?

What Subaru wreckers in North South Wales do with your old and unwanted cars

Simply put, vehicle wrecking is the practice of dismantling old, damaged, and decommissioned cars. However, there’s more to the process than just taking a vehicle apart. Here’s a quick overview of what truly happens during wrecking:

  • Depollution

The car wrecking process cannot officially start until the vehicle is rid of all its toxic fluids, including gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze. This is because older vehicles tend to leak these substances into the soil and to prevent this, a professional wrecker must dispose of them properly.

  • Dismantling

Your car can finally undergo the complete wrecking process once it is free of toxic substances. The next step is dismantling, where a professional wrecker will take the vehicle apart in search of reusable parts, such as the engine, transmission system, wheels and tyres, seats, and axles.

Note that almost every part of your vehicle can be recycled, depending on its condition. Therefore, you should avoid taking anything apart yourself, especially if you don’t have any experience dismantling a car. Otherwise, any missing components will make your automobile less valuable.

  • Crushing and shredding

After removing all reusable components, the wrecker will prepare your vehicle for crushing and shredding. This step makes the rest of the process more efficient, allowing recyclers to recover every kilogram of metal in your car. Generally, the shredding machine cuts the car frame down into hand-sized pieces.

  • Resource recovery

Once the shredding is completed, your car will barely be recognisable as a vehicle and instead looks like a pile of scrap metals, mostly made of steel and aluminium. These scraps are then mixed with other metals to increase their strength.

Meanwhile, the shredder may also come across non-metal materials, such as plastic, glass, and rubber. These items, known as auto-shredder residue (ASR), are separated and sent to landfills.

  • Transport

Lastly, once all the scrap metals have been recovered, they will make their way to different manufacturers. These recycled materials will produce new car frames and makeup almost 25% of the body.

Subaru wreckers in NSW are responsible for conducting safe and environmentally friendly practices during wrecking. Amazon Cars and Spare Parts is your best option if you’re looking for a reliable company that adheres to high standards. We will ensure to recycle every last bit of your vehicle, paying you a fair price.

Contact us at 0412 711 318 to learn more about our wrecking process and schedule your free pick-up service as soon as possible!