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How to Get Instant Cash for Cars Sydney with 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to get instant cash for cars in Sydney? If this is your first time selling a damaged car, you may feel overwhelmed at the process. Fret not. This quick guide will teach you the easy steps to choose the right auto wrecker and get instant cash for cars in Sydney.

  1. Search for Auto Wreckers Online

Looking for auto wreckers online is faster and easier. Just visit their official website to know their reputation, experience, services, highest offer, and more. You can also send inquiries or request quotes by answering their electronic forms, too. To get quotes, you must provide important details of your car like the make, model, year, so they can properly evaluate its value.

  1. Compare Quotations

Your goal is not only to get instant cash for cars in Sydney but to get the highest possible offer for your scrap. Speaking with different auto wreckers is an effective way to find where the best deal is. When comparing quotations, don’t look at the price offers alone. Check for extra charges as most companies will deduct paperwork and car towing fees from their payment.

  1. Ask What Services are Included

Not all companies will sort out the paperwork and tow your car. They will have you do these things on your own. But we are not like them. As the leading auto wrecker, we, at Amazon Cars and Spare Parts will not only give instant cash for cars in Sydney; we will also do the paperwork and towing for free. This way, you get to enjoy the full cash payment for your damaged car without deductions. Call us at 0412 711 318 so we can start with the evaluation of your car. If you accept our offer, then we can help you with the paperwork right away and we can also arrange a car removal service.

  1. Do Background Checks

Aside from the offer and included services, you also need to consider the reputation of the auto wrecker. You want to partner with a company that has proven to be reliable. So, do your research before selling your car. See if they have been involved in any issues like scams.

  1. Prepare to Sell Your Car

Once you accepted the deal, the next step is to prepare it for selling. You need to show us your driver’s license and other IDs for identification purpose. You also need to gather all the documents, including the registration and title of your vehicle. Of course, don’t forget the car keys, too. We provide assistance on the paperwork involved in scrapping your car. So, you can enjoy a hassle-free trade.

Before passing your old car to us, take one last look around. There may be belongings that you want to remove first!