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Recent Trends, Opportunities, And Challenges In Car Wrecking!

Like any other industry, car wrecking in Sydney was also affected by the pandemic. This global health and economic crisis indeed brought unprecedented changes in the way car wrecking companies work and do business. 


One of the recent trends in car wrecking in Sydney is online booking. Although companies have been allowing this method of booking services and requesting quotes, it is only now that people have actually started using it. The obvious reason is that it is safer. By simply calling a car removal company, clients won’t have to worry about how they will bring their old car to the scrap yard. There’s no need to go out and potentially expose themselves to the virus.

Another reason why people are choosing online car removal services is that it is more convenient. It is easier to compare offers because the quotes are sent to their emails. Decisions can be made quicker and the entire process is much more efficient. 


Despite the economic downturn brought by the pandemic, the car wrecking and auto recycling industry has remained resilient. Auto wreckers are seeing and seizing so many opportunities to grow and make money. Here are the reasons why. 

Increase in the number of people junking their cars – When the pandemic started and lockdowns happened, many people decided to finally let go of old cars sitting unused in their garage. They realized that selling their junk cars can earn them extra money while freeing up some space in their home. 

Increased demand for used parts – A lot of auto manufacturers halted their operations or is operating at a limited capacity. This is why there’s a long waitlist for brand-new cars these days. Because of this, the demand for used cars and used car parts has increased. And where does the market get their supply of used car parts? Of course, from auto wreckers and recyclers. Thanks to this, the overall worth of junk cars is also rising.


The industry is not without challenges. Because of the financial strain brought on by the pandemic, many people are eager to keep their cars and repair them to keep them running for as long as possible. Totalled vehicles due to road accidents have declined, too, and this has affected the source of parts and scrap for auto recycling companies. This shortage can potentially increase the worth of junk cars. 

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