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Steps To Choose The Best Company To Sell A Damaged Car In Sydney

Have you finally decided to let go of your old clunker that’s been in your garage for years? Don’t know how to find a good company that buy damaged cars for sale in Sydney? Not a problem. Just follow these simple steps and you will successfully make good cash out of your old car:

Find Out The Worth Of Your Car

Having a realistic idea of how much your car might sell for will help guide your decisions later on. If you know the fair worth of your old car based on its condition and other characteristics, you can determine which auto wrecker is giving you a reasonable deal.

Follow The Scrap Metal Prices Trend                               

One of the biggest factors that affect the worth of a damaged car for sale in Sydney is the current prices of the scrap metal. Why? Because cars are composed mostly of steel, alloy, copper, and other metal materials. So, before you go on selling your vehicle, check the market first. Find out how much is the current scrap metal. This will help you estimate the scrap metal worth of your vehicle. Considering the trend you can decide if it’s a good time to sell.

Look For A Reputable Auto Wrecker

What should be your criteria? One, the auto wrecker must have a good reputation with good reviews. Two, they should be able to buy vehicles of all models and makes. Three, they should pay you in cash and on the spot, not with a check and absolutely no instalment payments. Last but not the least, they must be registered and insured.

Request For Quotations

After selecting the potential companies, ask for quotations. Then choose the one that offers the highest price offer for your vehicle. Do consider extra charges such as towing fees and paperwork. 

Prepare Necessary Documents

The documents required will really depend on the company that you are choosing. Some will need you to submit that registration and title. Others will only need a proof of identification like a valid ID and driver’s license. It’s a good idea to prepare these requirements while you are waiting for the quotation.

Schedule The Car Removal

After agreeing with the price offer, the company will arrange the schedule of car removal. We, at Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, towing services are not a problem. We collect all types of damaged car for sale in Sydney and we don’t charge a single cent. After agreeing with our offer, we can arrange the pickup on the same day or on your most available time.

Ready to know the worth of your car? Give us a call at 0412 711 318!