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Things You Should Consider Before Selling Your Old Car for Cash

Do you want to sell an old car for cash? Great! That’s the easiest way to get rid of your old clunker and to earn instant cash. But just before you do that, consider the following factors:

Check Current Scrap Prices

Did you know that one of the factors that affect the value of your old car is the amount or weight of its metal? Usually, the heavier the car is, the higher its selling price. Consequently, the current value of the scrap metal prices also impacts the value of scrap cars. For this reason, it’s always good to check the prices of scrap metal before you decide to sell your car for cash.

Be Aware of Common Types of Scams

The industry of auto scrapping has been involved with so many fraudulent activities. If you don’t want to fall victim to unscrupulous companies, familiarising yourself with the common types of scams is necessary. This will help you determine red flags and immediately avoid them. Bait and switch is a type of scam that commonly happens to unsuspicious buyers. This occurs when the company baits by offering to buy your vehicle at a generous price and then change their mind later. So, if you receive an offer that is too good, it probably is.

Consider the Extra Fees

Some companies charge you with paperwork, towing, and other services. These are okay as they make the process less hassle. This is why you have to consider the extra fees also when comparing quotes and not the price alone. If the fees are too expensive, then you may want to look for another company. Take note that some companies like Amazon Cars and Spare Parts offer these services for free.

The Reputation of the Scrap Company

The best way to avoid getting mugged or scammed is to choose a reputable scrap company. Before starting a deal with any scrap yard, do a background check. You can simply do online research about the prospective companies. Reliable ones often have a website where you will find details about their services, the cars they buy, as well as their experience in the industry of car scrapping. You should also look for reviews and testimonials from their previous clients.

One of the leading scrap companies in Sydney is Amazon Cars and Spare Parts with a long history of satisfied clients. We have been in the business for many years, buying and recycling all kinds of vehicles. We see value in every car that is brought to our facilities. So, when you decide to sell an old car for cash with us, we can promise to give you a fair evaluation and one of the highest offers in the area. Do you want to know the value of your old car? Call us now on 0412 711 318!