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Unwanted Car Removal: How To Book A Car Removal?

Unwanted car removal offers a great way to free up some space in your garage and earn instant cash. So, if you have an old car that you’ve been wanting to get rid of, the best time to call a car removal company is now. Remember, a car’s worth depreciates quickly. If you don’t make a decision soon, you will not get as much cash from your vehicle.

Booking an unwanted car removal service is quick and easy if you are choosing a reliable company like Amazon Cars and Spare Parts. They make sure to make the selling process smooth and hassle-free for you. It will generally take just four steps:

Request Quotes Online Or Via Call

Like other auto wreckers, we also have a website where you can request a free quote. Just complete the online forms to submit a request, providing your contact information and the details about your car. That means you don’t have to visit our facility in person. Aside from a website, we also have a phone number. Call us at 0412 711 318 on any day of the week. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

Wait For The Offer 

Auto wrecking companies evaluate cars based on their year, model, make, and condition. After getting these details, they will begin estimating the worth of the cars and write offers. We do the same thing at Amazon Cars and Spare Parts. You won’t need to wait for a few days to get the quotation. We will give it to you right away. Don’t worry; our no-obligation quote is free of charge. If you need time to compare ours with other quotes, go right ahead!

Schedule Pickup

You don’t have to book a towing company because most companies will handle the pickup for you. All unwanted car removal services carried out by our company are free of charge. We can come to you right away after agreeing with our offer. You can schedule the pickup day at your most convenient time.

Get Your Cash Payment 

We don’t like dragging out the process. That’s why we provide unwanted car removal services. Aside from this, we also give our payment in cash on the spot before we collect your car.

What about the paperwork? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our friendly staff will take care of all the necessary documents that must be processed. We will sort out the paperwork so you can just ease your mind.

How much can I get from selling my car? We can give up to $7000, depending on various factors. Rest assured that our car evaluators will be fair and honest. We promise to give you the highest possible offer for your vehicle!