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What Should I Do If My Used Car Fails The Roadworthy Inspection In Sydney?

Is your car roadworthy? Roadworthiness refers to the ability of a vehicle to be in suitable operating condition, meeting acceptable standards for the transport of people, baggage, and cargo. In simpler terms, it means your car is street legal. But what happens if your used car in Sydney is deemed unroadworthy?

The Parameters Of Roadworthy Inspection In Sydney

Roadworthy inspections aren’t just conducted to ensure your safety. They are also required during the registration process, and failing the inspection means you may not register or renew your vehicle.

In New South Wales, all vehicles five years or older must be inspected at an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS). Once it has passed the safety check, you will receive a report that will allow you to renew your registration online or by phone.

But what happens during the inspection? Here are a few tips on getting that roadworthy certificate in your first attempt:

  • Make sure your tyres’ valve caps are correctly fitted to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. In addition, keep your tyres at the correct pressure and remove any nails and screws that can cause damage.
  • Ensure that all your lights are working properly to provide the right amount of visibility. Repair any headlights and taillights that are loose, discoloured, cracked, or UV-damaged.
  • Have any cracked, chipped, our faulty windscreens repaired as soon as possible.
  • Replace your worn-out suspension components.
  • Check your seatbelts for any frays, cuts, and other forms of damage. It’s also best to secure your seats and remedy any tears that expose their metal frames.
  • Double-check your car horn to ensure that it is working properly.
  • Clean your car battery and ensure that all its fluids are at acceptable levels.

What To Do With An Unroadworthy, Used Car In Sydney

Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes that even seasoned drivers make during an inspection, resulting in an unroadworthy vehicle. Looking through the car yourself or taking it to the mechanic may be able to help. You’ll be given 14 days to repair everything that needs to be repaired.

But what happens if the car is impossible to fix? In this situation, perhaps your best option would be to take the vehicle to a car removal company. Otherwise, you’ll only risk your safety on the road, and not to mention other motorists as well.

Plus, driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal in New South Wales. Unless you prove that you’re using it to get registered, the authorities may fine you up to $607.

So before you find yourself in trouble, take the used car in Sydney to Amazon Cars and Spare Parts for hassle-free removal. We’ll accept any vehicle no matter its condition, offering you up to $7000 and the convenience of a free pick-up service!

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